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Phentermine side effects and abuse

Phentermine is included in a group of anorexigenic substances, which can control hunger. Phentermine slimming tablets have been used for obesity treatment for more than 50 years, so it has been well studied how Phentermine affects the organism, and what side effects it may cause.

Pharmacological action of Phentermine slimming tablets is designed to stimulate parts of brain, responsible for satiation. Phentermine affects serotonin action in the brain and significantly reduces hunger. Therefore, some side effects of Phentermine slimming tablets are connected with the activity of central nervous system (CNS).

Common and rare Phentermine side effects are:

  • changes in sexual behavior;
  • change in body temperature due to the acceleration of metabolism;
  • strong sense of well-being, elation, happiness, excitement and joy;
  • aggressive behavior and disorder of mental process;
  • discomfort in stomach that can result in vomiting;
  • irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure;
  • reduced fatigue or abnormal drowsiness;
  • increased activity and excessive talkativeness;
  • frequent or uncontrolled defecation;
  • difficulty in falling asleep and maintaining sleep;
  • involuntary limbs’ movement;
  • change of respiration rate and frequency;
  • deficit in saliva and dry mouth;
  • pain in head and neck.

As seen from the above, Phentermine slimming tablets can affect not only central nervous system, but also cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract. Great list of side effects does not mean that they will develop in each patient, taking Phentermine slimming tablets. Usually, Phentermine side effects are not heavy and disappear on their own after a certain period of time.

In order to reduce the risk of side effects, obese patient is advised to observe all instructions and doctor’s recommendations. Phentermine slimming tablets should be taken in the morning, before, during or after breakfast. This will reduce the risk of such negative reactions to Phentermine, as insomnia or other sleep disorders.

Patient should not increase the dose of Phentermine drug on his own. This may result in an ineffective obesity treatment. In the worst case, high doses of Phentermine can cause overdose and hospitalization.

Phentermine slimming tablets are not intended for long-term use. Maximum period of Phentermine treatment is 3 months. If you use high doses of Phentermine over 3 months, it can cause:

  • toxic psychosis, including aggressive behavior, paranoia, loss of touch with reality and hallucinations;
  • physiological and behavioral abnormalities, associated with the nervous system disorders;
  • deterioration of spatial perception and stability;
  • significant change in heart rate;
  • permanent and uncontrollable feelings of fear and anxiety;
  • difficulties in breathing;
  • mental illness;
  • malnutrition and vitamin deficiency.

It is not necessary to take large doses of Phentermine slimming tablets to increase this drug’s efficacy. Phentermine slimming tablets can effectively reduce weight in combination with diet and exercise.

Low-calorie diets allow you to consume only those products, which are necessary for normal body functioning. Thus, lack of energy is replenished from the patient’s adipose tissue. Slimming tablets Phentermine enable obese patients to use any diet without feeling strong hunger and discomfort.

It is strongly advised to increasing physical activity, while using slimming tablets Phentermine. This will allow your organism to increase calorie intake and speed up metabolism. In addition, physically active people have a reduced risk of chronic disease, improved functioning of heart and cardiovascular system.