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Phentermine and physical loads

Obesity is an epidemic in modern society. For optimum body weight, it is recommended to adhere to a diet food and to increase physical activity. Obese people with BMI over 27 and obesity-related diseases can be prescribed with Phentermine weight loss drug in the conjunction with a low-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Efficiency of obesity drug therapy is noticeably reduced in the absence of regular physical exercises. During Phentermine anti-obesity therapy, the significance of physical loads is determined not only by burning of excess calories. Regular physical exercises in the combination with Phentermine pills have regulating impact on metabolic processes and functional state of separate organs and systems of the body.

Herewith, only physical exercises in the combination with Phentermine diet pills without observance of a low-calorie diet also reduce the effectiveness of obesity pharmacotherapy. Thus, optimal weight can be achieved only in the combined obesity therapy that includes Phentermine slimming pills, low-calorie diet and regular physical exercises.

Physical load during Phentermine anti-obesity therapy is necessary to maintain tissue sensitivity to insulin. Insulin resistance is mainly increased due to constant muscle stimulation and active functioning of enzyme systems of aerobic glycolysis.

During the use of Phentermine pills, sensitivity to insulin is restored less effectively without physical workouts. When taking Phentermine slimming pills, regular muscle stimulation prevents unwanted process of protein breakdown and activates its synthesis.

Any physical activity in the combination with Phentermine pills accelerates fat burning and metabolism. Phentermine not just burns fat during workouts, it helps to increase muscle mass. The more muscle mass in the body, the higher your metabolic rate. Muscle cells consume more calories, thus weight is faster reduced.

Regular muscle stimulation during pharmacotherapy with Phentermine helps to restore the activity of sympathetic nervous system. In addition, physical exercises are some of the most effective stimulants intestinal peristalsis, which is weakened in obese people. Accordingly, when using Phentermine pills, weight loss in the combination with physical activity decreases the risk of putrefactive processes in the intestines.

Physical loads also reduce the risk of developing chronic endogenous intoxication and suppression of natural intestinal microflora. Furthermore, the decrease of body fat and intense physical exercises reduce the contact of nutrients with the intestinal mucosa that considerably reduces the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, as well as toxic products.

Weight loss and physical activity in people taking Phentermine pills help to normalize the balance of sex hormones. Moreover, physical activity during Phentermine anti-obesity therapy is one of the obligatory factors of bone demineralization and osteoporosis prevention.

Thus, physical activity is an integral component of complex obesity therapy. If intensive loads cause discomfort (such as, increased heart rate), they can be replaced by a moderate walking for 40-60 minutes a day.

It should be noted that in severe obesity, one course of Phentermine anti-obesity therapy might not be sufficient to achieve the optimal weight. For three months of regular use of Phentermine pills, a person loses up to 15% of initial weight. This is enough to stop the development of obesity-related diseases.

If necessary, complex pharmacotherapy with Phentermine can be repeated 12 weeks after the intake of last Phentermine diet pill. To maintain weight at the achieved level after the discontinuation of Phentermine weight loss drug, a balanced diet and regular physical exercises are recommended.