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Phentermine overdose

Phentermine is a strong anorexigenic drug, affecting the brain function and increasing the blood pressure. Most of obese patients have blood pressure problems; therefore, cases of overdose on Phentermine drug can be dangerous for their health.

All people taking Phentermine for obesity treatment must be aware of all the overdose symptoms. Before using Phentermine weight loss pills, you need to find out first what you have to do to minimize the overdose consequences.

Phentermine overdose symptoms are:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Uncontrolled or frequent defecation
  • Change in body temperature
  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Change in the heart muscle function
  • Respiratory failure, seizures and agitation

The first thing you should do when noticing the first symptoms of overdose, is call your doctor. If overdose symptoms are obvious, the doctor can advise you to have a gastric lavage. You can do this at home or in a special health care facility.

The faster you do gastric lavage, the less harm for your body from overdose. If overdose caused loss of consciousness, then gastric lavage can be carried out only in the hospital.

After gastric lavage, it is recommended to take activated carbon. To relieve seizures and agitation, benzodiazepines can be used (like Diazepam). Benzodiazepines can be taken by mouth or in case of fainting – by intravenous injection.

Despite the fact that information on Phentermine use is written in the instructions and is accessible to everyone on the Internet, number of overdose incidents on this medication increases every year. The main causes of overdose are:

  • Excessive use of Phentermine weight loss pills
  • Combined use of Phentermine with other medications

Several weeks after a person started using Phentermine, his body becomes tolerant to this psychostimulant and loses the feeling of satiety. Thus, striving to lose weight, irresponsible patients begin increasing the Phentermine dose on their own.

Do not use more than one Phentermine weight loss pill a day. To lose weight rapidly, it is not enough just to buy Phentermine and take it daily. Phentermine drug will help you to defeat obesity, but only self-control over food you eat and physical activity will give you the body of your dreams.