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Obesity consequences

Obesity can be caused by different reasons, but it always results in damage of various internal organs and body systems. Cardiovascular system always suffers first in obesity.

Medical studies have shown that 85% of obese patients develop cardiovascular system related diseases. Additional body weight results in a blood volume increase in the body. Additional blood volume increases stress on the heart and leads to blood pressure increase.

In obesity, the heart has to work harder and more often to ensure the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body. For example, people who are overweight by 40 kg, heart rate should be increased by 50-60% to deliver oxygen to body tissues.

Excessive weight increases the load on the cardiovascular system, even during sleep. Poor blood circulation leads to varicose veins and heart arrhythmias. Obesity can result in myocardial infarction and stroke.

Obese people usually consume a large amount of high-calorie foods. To cope with nutrients excess, the body produces large amounts of insulin.

Elevated blood insulin levels increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes mellitus occurs in obese people 10 times more often, than in people with normal weight. Also, high insulin levels impair liver function.

In obesity, the stress on the joints and spine increases. High loads cause cracking and intervertebral discs destruction. This leads to a pressure increase in the spinal cord and the development of sciatica.

Excessive body weight causes degenerative changes in the joints of the lower extremities. Heavy loads on feet lead to deformation and destruction of cartilage. People with obesity often develop osteophytes, which cause discomfort and pain in the legs.

Also, obese people experience increased pressure on the bones of the lower extremities. Excess weight causes lower extremities bones deformation and affects the knee joints.

Obesity increases the likelihood of venous thrombosis in the legs. The greatest risk of venous thrombosis occurs in people older than 40 years. Obese women develop leg vein thrombosis 6 times more often than women with normal body weight.

Obesity is also dangerous by the fact that it causes fat accumulation around the internal organs. Obesity worsens the functioning of internal organs. Therefore, excessive weight leads to negative changes in the human body and causes health problems.

Obesity can also cause low self-esteem and serious psychological disorders. Excess weight is a real inconvenience: dissatisfaction with appearance, difficulty in choosing clothes, the emergence of health related problems.

Obese people often have problems with the nervous system. Obesity can cause dizziness, insomnia and headache. Obese people suffer from insufficient blood flow to the brain, which may lead to memory weakening.

If the normal body weight increases by 10%, the person may have the above mentioned complications. Therefore, overweight people are advised not to wait for the obesity associated diseases, and start the treatment.