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Eat and lose weight

If you want to look slim and always stay in a good shape, you don't need to torture your body with different diets. All you need is to make your daily nutrition proper.

Teach your body to eat properly and you will see how easy and effective weight loss can be without diets. Well, you may call this plan a diet as well.

First of all, you need to reduce calories but leave the same amounts of your meals. There are many easy ways to make your caloric intake smaller without reducing food portions. Take fruits and vegetables as half of your total meal. The good thing is that you can mix them with meat, sauces and first courses equally.

Secondly, you should focus on what you eat first and what you eat next. Your body appreciates it if you eat fruit, salad or soup first, but meat, fish or grains after that. The truth is that these first products contain a lot of water and fiber, so you feel less hungry if you eat them first. Mix vegetables and greens with anything you like, even sandwich. Thus your calories will decrease.

Another way towards healthy nutrition is to use as less vegetable oil as possible when cooking. You should better avoid fried dishes. Try to boil or stew your food instead. If you love to cook sauces, add more greens, spices, lemon juice, garlic and onion. These will add lots of amazing flavors and vitamins to your dishes.

Sugar is another source of extra calories. You might be surprised but soda (cola or any other sweet soda), alcohol drinks and juices contain lots of sugar. Read the labels, and if you see there 15 g of sugar in 100g of product, the sugar content is high. In addition to extra calories and excess weight, sugar can damage blood vessels.

Breakfast is the best and most important meal of the day. And if you start using an oatmeal for breakfast, you will forget about bad mood and tiredness. Add some raisins, nuts or honey into it – perfect, healthy and nourishing breakfast!

Muesli bars are anything but diet product! Do not be mistaken, muesli is good, but not mixed with sugar, flavor enhancers, MSG and other preservatives. Instead of muesli bar you can eat a little bit of nuts, mixed with honey.

Eat fruits rather than drink fruit juices from the store. It's not a secret that store juices contain large amount of sugar and small amount of fruit fiber. Eat more fresh fruits or make fresh juice at home. But if you have some stomach issues, don't drink fresh juice on empty stomach.

Vegetable salads are good, but not dressed with mayonnaise or cheese sauce. The best salad dressing ever is olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice (mustard). Mix all these ingredients or choose one, anyway your salad will be much healthier than it used to be.