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Fat burners

Fat burners is a variety of sports nutrition or special drugs, created to decrease excess body fat. Fat burners contribute to weight loss, make muscles more rippling, allow better to focus on exercises and facilitate workouts.

Main mechanisms of fat burners’ action are as follows: stimulation of metabolism, the appetite suppression, decrease in absorption of fats and carbohydrates from the digestive tract, blocking the fat synthesis in the adipose tissues and removing excess fluid. Mostly, fat burners accelerate the splitting of fat molecules and transform fat into free energy by increasing its consumption.

Fat burners are intended for people who go in for sports and want to reduce the body fat. Fat burners act during the workouts on condition of diet observance. People leading a sedentary lifestyle and consuming improper diet are not recommended to use fat burners, since their effect is almost ineffective without workouts and proper nutrition.

Currently, sports nutrition stores offer a wide range of fat burners with a variety of compositions and mechanisms of action. Fat burners should be individually chosen, since certain fat burners are good for one person and perhaps are bad for another.

Fat burners often contain the following ingredients:

  • Coffeine;
  • L-carnitine;
  • Guarana;
  • Gethylhexaneamine;
  • Chromium Picolinate;
  • Chitosan;
  • Green tea extract;
  • Synephrine;
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA);
  • Tyramine;
  • Omega-3 fatty acids.

The main types of fat burners

The main types of fat burners and other supplements that help to increase muscle rippling in the list below:

  • Thermogenics;
  • Carbohydrate blockers;
  • Fat blockers;
  • Thyroid stimulants;
  • Appetite suppressants;
  • Cortisol blockers;
  • L-carnitine;
  • Omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Diuretics.

All of these supplements radically differ in properties, the availability of side effects and mode of administration. Most of supplements are not useful for health, others vice versa improve health and prolong the life. Learn carefully the list and choose the most suitable variant for you.

Combination of fat burners

Different types of fat burners can be combined to increase the effect. Safe and high-effective combinations:

Thermogenics + Carbohydrate blockers + Fat blockers + Thyroid stimulants + Cortisol blockers + L-carnitine.

At first glance, this combination looks frightening, however having learned the interaction details you can easily understand that this is a quite safe combination, which ensures the maximum efficiency. It is necessary just 2-3 supplements that join several fat burners for combined use of all these types. For example, a set with more qualitative and highly effective supplements that include this list:

  • L-carnitine (of any firm and shape);
  • Lipo-6x from Nutrex;
  • Cheaters Relief from BSN.

One more highly effective, perfectly compatible and safe fat burning set:

  • L-carnitine (of any firm and shape);
  • Animal Cuts from Universal Nutrition;
  • Cheaters Relief from BSN;
  • Liporeduxfrom SAN.

Safety and compatibility

Most modern thermogenics include: stimulators, thyroid stimulators, diuretics and other components, these components possess synergetic action and fully compatible. For instance, a combination of L-carnitine and thermogenic makes the use of the last safer, as carnitine protects the heart and vessels from the overload, decreases muscle catabolism. To this combination you can without fear add fat and carbohydrate blockers, they are not digested, so in no way they will interact with other types of fat burners. Omega-3 fatty acids also possess a protective effect on the heart and vessels and are quite effective in simultaneous use with thermogenics, carnitine, as well as fat blockers and carbohydrate blockers. Cortisol blockers do not have a direct effect on the metabolism and pharmacodynamics of other fat burners, therefore they are also perfectly compatible, plus they inhibit muscle breakdown, especially under the thermogenics influence.

Conclusion: almost all kinds of fat burners are well compatible, since they have various points of application in the body. The last fact allows maximizing the cycle efficiency, to reduce the frequency of side effects and to protect the muscles from destruction.

Warning: do not combine fat burners of the same type, such combination is ineffective and may be harmful for your health. All combinations should be agreed with a specialist.

Additional sports nutrition

It is necessary to adhere a strict diet during the weight loss periods and formation of the body shape. In this regard, the body does not receive most of essential substances, as a result of weight loss muscle mass rapidly decreases, the skin properties worsen, and even a number of diseases may occur. Fortunately, you can avoid all this if you correctly choose sports nutrition.

As you know, during starvation the body begins to actively destroy the muscles to get amino acids, important for protein synthesis. To avoid this, it is necessary to take the sources of amino acids: proteins, BCAA or amino acid complexes. It is best to use slow proteins, they are gradually absorbed, do not cause an insulin peak, and therefore do not slow down fat burning, and prevent muscle catabolism. If you want to drastically reduce calorie diet, you should use BCAA or amino acid complexes, they contain a small number of calories and well inhibit catabolic reactions, herewith they do not reduce the effectiveness of fat burners, and do not inhibit the process of losing weight.