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Duromine review

Duromine is one of the most popular drugs for treatment of obesity in Australia and NZ. In the Asia-Pacific region, Duromine is available on prescription at local pharmacies. You can find Duromine capsules of 15mg, 30mg and 40mg at Australian pharmacies. iNova Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of Duromine capsules.

Duromine provides anorexigenic effect, therefore it is used for appetite suppression. Doctors prescribe Duromine drug to people, who cannot control appetite and whose BMI is above 30. If obesity is complicated by metabolic, cardiovascular or lipid disorders, Duromine is prescribed to people with BMI 27 or above.

Duromine is a prescription anti-obesity drug, which may cause serious side effects. It is known that drug dependence is the most dangerous side effect of Duromine. This side effect occurs in a long-term use of Duromine capsules.

Duromine anorexigenic drug is recommended for a regular use within 1-3 months. To get maximal therapeutic effect, this diet drug must be taken at the same time.

Duromine dosage depends on the age and weight of a patient. The most prescribed dose is Duromine 15mg.

Some people develop tolerance to anorectic effect of Duromine. In this case, they need to take a maximal dose of Duromine 40mg or any other appetite suppressant.

Since obesity is considered a chronic disease, it is accompanied by many comorbidities. For this reason, doctors can prescribe other medications to treat the comorbidities along with Duromine. Before including other drugs into anti-obesity therapy, patient should carefully learn the information about Duromine drug interactions.

With Duromine drug interactions, unwanted reactions may occur in the body. That is why the combined use of Duromine with other groups of drugs is contraindicated.

Besides, patients with hypertension and diabetes, who take Duromine, require the reduced daily doses of antihypertensive and anti-diabetic drugs.

A sympathomimetic amine Duromine is contraindicated in some diseases (glaucoma, resistant hypertension, mental or behavioral disorders). In addition, the anorexigenic drug Duromine must never be used along with MAO inhibitors, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant and nursing women have not been involved in clinical studies of Duromine.

If you decide to buy Duromine with no prescription, please make sure this weight loss drug is not contraindicated to you. Thus, if you are going to buy Duromine on online pharmacy, but it is your first order of weight loss capsules online, ask your questions over phone call or email.