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Diets for weight loss

If you want to get rid of excess weight, you need to choose one of diet therapies and adjust it according to your individual characteristics. During weight loss therapy, the diet plan can and must be changed. The fact is that human body can get accustomed to new circumstances. Those dietary restrictions that seemed impossible to stick to, eventually become quite feasible.

Caloric value of the diet

First of all, people should eliminate high-calorie foods from their diet. This group of foods contains high amount of animal fat and carbohydrates. Thus, the weight loss diet must not include fatty meat, bread and other bakery, sugar, pasta, potato and some fruits that contain lots of fast carbs (for example, mango, grapes and banana).

Obese patients should avoid foods and drinks that increase the appetite. These are alcoholic beverages, spices and sweet soda drinks. Thus, the weight loss diet should be balanced and contain little calories.

It has been proven that a balanced diet involves a sufficient consumption of essential micronutrients. For normal functioning of all the body systems, patients should eat more foods, containing vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and other bioactive substances.

Micronutrients are found in foods in tiny amounts (are calculated in micrograms). However, these substances are very important for our body. Micronutrients, consumed with food and water improve the metabolism and normalize all functions and organs on the body. Moreover, these microelements increase the immune system, neutralizing toxins and removing slags from the body.

The consumption of sufficient calories along with the shortage of microelements causes natural reaction in the body, which is hunger. Strong hunger is one of the common reasons why people stop their anti-obesity or weight loss treatment. Therefore, everything that refers to a balanced diet is of paramount importance.

Correction of eating behavior

What and when you eat is no less important than the caloric value of your diet. Your meals should be taken at the exact same time daily. The best variant is to eat small portions 4-5 times a day.

If you are still very hungry, you may take small snacks between your main meals. But this does not mean that you may eat fast food and other high-calorie foods. You should better eat some raw or dried fruit instead.

To correct an eating behavior and for a successful weight loss result, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • Teach yourself to eat slowly.
  • Do not eat everything on the plate, if you are already full.
  • Try to finish your meal when you are slightly hungry.

Even those, who don’t need to lose weight, should have breakfast every morning. The fact is that a morning meal stimulates the work of your gastrointestinal tract and accelerates the metabolism.

Breakfast should be balanced, but not heavy. Please note that everything you eat at the first half of the day is digested well, providing your body with energy. You may drink a glass of fruit juice before breakfast. For breakfast, you may have cereals, muesli, dairy products (yogurt), rice and fruit.

For lunch, you may have low-fat meat, beans or potatoes, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables. But foods, cooked with fat (frying) should be avoided. Instead of fried and fatty food, you may eat boiled or steamed foods. You can try some low-calorie soup for lunch.

The last meal should not be heavy. Make sure you have dinner at least 2 hours before sleep. If you are very hungry, you can drink a glass of warm water or eat an apple.

In weight loss therapy, water plays an important role. Thus, your weight loss plan must exclude all the carbonated and sweet drinks. At the same time, you need to drink enough water every day (1-3 liters a day).

According to medical research, a clean potable water is a very important element for normal function of the human body. In addition, water fills the stomach and reduces hunger pangs. Clean and qualitative water contains microelements our body needs for a normal metabolism.

Lack of good amount of potable water in your diet provokes obesity. There is a common misbelief, saying that when we drink lots of water, it is retained in the body and increases weight. Water can be retained in the body, it is a fact, but this happens due to excessive consumption of salt.