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Phentermine and contraception

Phentermine is a drug, which helps to reduce the body mass and usually prescribed to adults as well as children over 16 years old. Women, who use Phentermine for weight loss, should do pregnancy tests regularly.

This recommendation is to be followed, because Phentermine can penetrate through mother’s placenta and contribute to birth defects in newborns.

Mother to child transplacental transmission is caused by such factors as:

  • molecular weight of Phentermine
  • high rate of Phentermine bind with plasma proteins
  • morphofunctional maturity of placenta
  • ability of Phentermine to ionize and dissolve in lipids

All these factors can create the prerequisites for dysfunction of any organ and worsen the adaptation of newborns to a new life. There is data, saying that at least 5% of birth defects occur due to the use of Phentermine during pregnancy.

Phentermine may cause different effects on the body of mother and fetus, such as:

  • embryo-lethal effect
  • embryotoxic effect
  • teratogenic effect
  • mutagenic effect

Metabolic peculiarities of Phentermine in the body of a pregnant woman are caused by many factors, such as:

  • hemodynamic changes (influencing on the half-life of Phentermine),
  • change of hormonal status (influencing on the metabolism of Phentermine),
  • decrease of detoxification of liver (influencing on the change of sensibility of the pregnant woman’s body to Phentermine) and others.

Every woman has the right to decide when to have babies. However, if a woman wants to take Phentermine treatment course, she must make sure her pregnancy is not occasional but planned one in order to avoid the risk to deliver a child with birth defects.

Choosing the proper contraception while using Phentermine, women should consult a physician. The reason for this is the fact that Phentermine is a psychoactive substance.

The effect of psychoactive substances can affect the fetus and pregnancy period as a whole. Phentermine may cause various side effects in mother and fetus, for instance:

  • damage to the brain of the fetus
  • premature detachment of placenta
  • asymmetrical development delay
  • abnormalities in the urinary tract of a newborn
  • necrotic enterocolitis of a newborn
  • birth defects (heart disease, lung malformations)

If a women needs to stop using Phentermine after a long-term administration of this anorexigenic drug, she might develop drug dependence or withdrawal syndrome.

The main signs of Phentermine drug dependence are:

  • depression
  • hunger
  • suicidal thoughts
  • excessive sleepiness
  • pain in the abdomen
  • dull pain in joints and muscles
  • slow heart rate (bradycardia), etc.

All the factors listed below must make women think about the consequences that unplanned pregnancy can cause. Therefore, the right choice of reliable birth control method is one of the most important things to do during the treatment using Phentermine.

Today, there are many birth control methods. Modern contraception means can be divided into the following groups:

  • hormonal (contraceptive ring, birth control pills, patches)
  • barrier methods (condoms, vaginal diaphragm and cap)
  • spermicide means (jelly, foam, suppositories, foaming tablets)
  • intrauterine contraceptive means (IUD)

Hormonal group of contraceptives involves:

  • combined oral contraceptives (COC);
  • contraceptives containing only progestogen;
  • vaginal contraceptives;
  • contraceptive patches

Some data confirms that in patients, who use Phentermine and hormonal contraceptives, the pharmacological effect of COC is changed and the birth control effect is reduced.

Most likely, this method will not suit women with hypothalamic-pituitary and ovarian systems dysfunction as well. In this case, the doctor can recommend some other contraception method, like the barrier birth control means.

It is believed that barrier method of contraception is one of the most effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancy while using Phentermine.

Such birth control method suits both men and women who use Phentermine drug. Apart from unplanned pregnancy, the barrier contraception protects the sexual partners from sexually transmitted infections.

Along with the barrier birth control method, women may use intrauterine contraceptive means, while taking Phentermine.

This method is one of the safest when it comes to the use of Phentermine and unplanned pregnancy.

In this case, the intrauterine device may help to achieve the desired effect, if a woman prefers not to use hormonal birth controls along with Phentermine.

If a woman chose hormonal IUDs for contraception during the therapy with Phentermine, then she must keep in mind that such IUDs provide both therapeutic and contraceptive effects.

The IUD contains levonorgestrel hormone, which can provoke weight gain. Besides, one of the side effects – headache occurs due to the use of Phentermine and hormonal IUD.

In conclusion, we may assume that a concomitant use of these two medical means increases the likelihood of malaise, as well as can cause obesity.

The need in using such birth control method during Phentermine therapy should be discussed with the doctor.

In addition to contraceptive means listed above, spermicide birth controls are also very popular today. Such contraceptives are available at pharmacies in various forms: foam, jelly, suppository and vaginal contraceptive film.

However, a concomitant usage of spermicidal contraceptive tools and Phentermine appetite suppressant is not recommended because of chemical compound of these medical products.

Summing up everything said above, note that whatever the birth control method a woman chooses, it should be effective and safe in the first place. Such contraceptive method must meet the following criteria of a woman’s life:

  • age
  • frequency of sexual activity
  • use of medications
  • chronic diseases
  • individual characteristics of the body

Think of the convenience of a certain birth control method and follow the recommendations. Properly chosen method of contraception helps to avoid the unwanted pregnancy and its consequences while using Phentermine drug.