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Treatment of childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the common causes of obesity in adulthood. The obesity treatment rate in children depends on timely diagnosis and the causes of the disease. To stabilize and further reduce the body weight in children, the following measures are recommended:

  • Change a diet
  • Increase physical activity
  • Use weight loss pills
  • Surgery

Drug treatment or surgeries are appropriate only if obesity poses a threat to a child’s health. Such treatments may violate a child’s development, so they are rarely administered.

Treatment of a childhood obesity is a long-term process, which must be carefully discussed between the doctor and a child’s parents before the treatment has begun. The main goal is to slow down and then stop an increase of BMI (body mass index). During active growth, obese children can get rid of excess fat very quickly.

To lose weight, an optimal variant would be sticking to diets and physical activity. To prevent complexes, parents should support and motivate their children as much as they can. Children must accept diets and increased physical activity not as restrictions, but as a proper eating behavior.

In case, the body weight is far from normal, it is necessary to do your best to reduce it. However, a sudden weight loss is bad, since it may affect the metabolism in a child’s body. Weight loss must be gradual without sharp leaps.

Parents must realize that despite obesity, their children should eat fully and get all the essential nutrients. For a normal growth of the body, children need to get a sufficient amount of fat, carbs and proteins. First of all, they need such elements as:

  • Essential amino acids
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Vitamins and minerals, etc.

These nutrients are not synthesized in the body, but they play a very important role in the development of a child’s body. These nutrients are essential components forming muscle and other types of proteins.

Parents should know which nutrients different foods contain. If diets cannot stabilize a child’s body weight, parents should reduce the daily calorie intake by 10-15%. If the desired effect is achieved, a low calorie diet is never prescribed again.