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How to calculate calories for best weight loss?

Most people know about calories and what they do in our body. Those people, who have ever tried to lose weight probably, know this better than anyone else does. It is true: calories are responsible for weight gain in our body.

However not every person on diet tends to measure his daily caloric intake. But he better should, because properly calculated amount of daily calories are among the best ways to lose weight.

Let's see the pros and cons of calories calculation.

Pros for calories calculation

First of all, person can regulate his daily nutrition on his own. Moreover, he chooses the products for his diet.

Second of all weight loss monitoring becomes much easier, since person controls the calorie intake, either increasing or reducing it.

It is easier to eat or not to eat foods, considering their caloric contents.

You need to gain or lose 7700 kcal per kilogram of body weight to increase or reduce your weight respectively. Knowing this, it's getting easier to adhere to any diet.

You can always make notes every day. It is easier to measure calories when they are written in the notebook.

In addition, it is better to write down your workout and weight loss results, to see the difference after time.

Caloric intake

If you want to become slim, your body should consume less calories, but waste more. But everything depends on lifestyle. Hence, if your work is connected with office or any other sedentary activity, the daily caloric intake is 1200 kcal. But if your lifestyle is active (active work, sports, gym, etc.), the daily caloric intake is 1800 kcal. It is quite easy to calculate your calories. Men waste about 2800 kcal per day, women 2200 kcal per day (sedentary job). While leading active lifestyle, men lose about 3000 kcal per day, but women 2500 kcal.


In order to calculate your daily calories, you may use special table of calories. Please don't worry if the numbers vary in different sources. Different websites and books give approximate numbers of calories. However, all of them contain the list of products with corresponding number of calories in them.

So it is better to start looking on food labels, choosing only those products that fit your diet plan. You can take caloric table with you, or you can make notes in your cell phone. Soon, you will be able to remember the approximate numbers of calories in different foods.

In addition to calories calculation, you might need to follow some other simple rules. For example, you that 6:00 p.m. should be the latest meal. Everyone says that. It's true, the larger interval between evening meal and bed, the better. Still, if you feel hungry and simply can't fall asleep, you can have an apple or some warm herbal tea with honey.

Note: breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. Therefore, it must contain more calories than the rest ones. Best variants of breakfast: boiled eggs, porridge (oatmeal is recommended), vegetables, fat-free boiled meat or yogurt.

You should avoid sugar, pastry, pork meat, hot dogs, fatty and fried foods as well. You can reduce calories by boiling or stewing the products. Water must be sufficient too. You should drink still water every day, at least 2 liters per day. As a matter of fact, cold water can reduce up to 50 kcal (1 glass). In general, water is an essential element, which can excrete toxins out of the body.

If you have pair of scales at home, your calculation becomes even easier. Thus you can measure every serving of food precisely. Plus you already know the calories each product contains (indicated on the packaging), so you can compose your diet according to this data.